Friday, March 20, 2015

Yesterday was school for Spence and then off with his dad.  I had chores, applied for a few contracts I saw, went to a seminar about how to make your reports more readable - very good seminar and then a networking event.

Today is grad planning day - we head to Cochrane to chat with the group about the upcoming grad party.  We have school and we're making pizza tonight for supper.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busy day today - Spence has school, then Shaw is coming out to replace our old modem and then Rikki & Kelly are coming by to get our keys, etc.  James and Spence are heading out tonight and I might out out for tea with Risa and give her my wood off cuts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well, the airport had a power outage - yes, the entire no NEXUS yesterday.  We ended up going home and then Spence did a bit of Socials before his dad picked him up for the day with Jaz and Syd for a day at the mall....yes, you heard me right - James spent the day at the mall with three kids...he's a brave man!

They all went to Volleyball afterwards and I went to Risa's kids play - which was good to watch.

Neither Spence or I could sleep last night .... so 3 am and we finally both felt tired enough to sleep.  Spence had latin this morning, then off to PE.

I had a webinar, took the dogs to daycare and we picked Jacob up on the way to PE.  After PE, lunch with the group and then home for a nap.  Picked up the dogs, made taco meat for supper - Spence made himself some burritos and I made myself nachos.

After supper, we worked on his costume - we shaped the first two points of the shield enough to call it a day.  Tomorrow two more points.

Now, time to study a bit for me and Spence is working on a video.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Today - back to a regular school day - socials, costume design, latin and we're heading off to the airport to hit NEXUS up for updated fingerprints for Spence and then he's off with his dad and Tammy's girls for the rest of the day.

Volleyball this evening for Spence and I'll be doing some stuff around the house.
finished fall - with new drywall