Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today I got around to making the new frame for the lip in the front room.  All the stuff Dave has been telling me - actually was absorbed.

The wood is twisted, so even though it looks like it's not square, it actually is

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Leona iron solari - cosplay - Spencer's building of his next cosplay for PAX

This is part of the centre shield - 4 pieces of EVA foam stacked (still needs shaping)

This is what the centre looks like, before shaping

Starting to figure out how the pieces all fit together - starting with a cardboard base, two pieces of EVA foam (will need another piece or two) and then the various cut outs (centre, arms, etc).  All dry fit first before final shaping and gluing with hot gun,

Continuing to make the arms of the shield

Latin, Socials and Costume making today.  Spence is almost done his Socials Text book and we'll see what his average was on the book tests and decide if he should do a second key from another year and/or the diploma exam.

I have some webinars, studying for a bit and some client reviews and maybe I'll attempt to clip the dogs nails.

We thought we'd celebrate Spencer's passing the diploma exam for English tonight - we're thinking Texmex/Mexican.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Priya (previously Moli)

So the other thing I noticed was we haven't posted pictures of Priya.  She was our foster Moli back in March before Hunter passed away.  She got adopted by a lovely family and then kinda decided she didn't want to live with them anymore and did some bad stuff.

She came back to me as her foster and we decided she was going to stay with us.  She is the epitome of being happy to be alive!  She has a lot of issues to get over still - but overall, she will be a terrific adult the meantime, we'll be training her, giving her lots of love and both Karma and Noc like her (although Noc still thinks he can beat her in playtime, but really - he can't).

Priya at just over a year old, with our foster Kiri

Priya (then Moli) at about 9 weeks old, as our foster

My Three Little Kittens

Realized today that I hadn't posted pics of my three little kittens.....we started fostering these three homeless kittens at a few weeks of age - I've never given a kitten cat milk before, but these guys were on cat milk and cat pablum - I got them as they were coming off bottle feeding (no mom found with them)
Just after they arrived - they got baths and didn't much enjoy them

They had blue eyes when they were little

How cute is that?

Really - you can't see me in here 

Wow - love TV! (that's how you keep a kitten occupied)

chillin and watching the world go by

But Noc said we could climb the ladder....

The one that is still with us - Kiri Duv (Curious Shadow), nickname is Sweet Pea - very shy little girl, but oh so cuddly 

She has gorgeous eyes

Kitten asleep - too cute

They fit in my pocket originally, then on the keyboard and now each one is bigger than my keyboard

Kiri chillin - she is shy and likes to just watch the world go by
my little Kiri now (she was my runt) - she is white with a few tan patches and a fluffy tan tail (tan on top, white underneath)

Fluffiness abounds - these are the softest kittens I have ever had - like silk and feathers

Kiri is still with me, while the other two (Mimoso [Cuddly] and Kara [she reminded me of the starbucks Caramel drinks] have been adopted out to a lovely gentleman).  Kiri might take a while to get adopted because she is so shy, but she has warmed up to me and we play video games each night (she likes to play the Friskies catch a fish game) and she likes to snuggle under the covers before heading off to sleep with Noc or Karma.

Finally got the English 30-1 grade Spence got an overall mark of 76% (course / exam).  83% class mark, 69% exam - but we're not sure how that was calculated, so we've asked for each part to be provided separately and also the formula for calculating Part A, which was arbitrarily given by the Ministry.

We double checked with St. Mary's and Spence has his 'provisional' acceptance still - and once all grades are in (before August) - he'll get his 'final' acceptance.  He has to pick courses though in May or June - so a bit weird, but at least he doesn't have to re-write his English 30 exam.  He has to average 65% overall in order to be admitted and so far he's well above that.

We still have Latin, PE, Socials and Math to hand in - Latin & PE in May once the classes are done, Socials will be done this month (Spence has to decide if he will write the Socials 30 exam - it's optional) and Math (which he writes the exam in June).