Saturday, February 28, 2015

So it was a pretty exciting February.

Dave came up to surprise me for my birthday end of January - then fell on the ice one night by my place and split his head open.  The concussion was pretty bad from a 'can't function' perspective, but the gash healed up nicely.

It was almost 3 weeks before he was back up and ready to work and drive.  In the meantime he and I worked on my mechanical room and got the workspace finished in the garage.

I put the cat cage together and outside on the deck, Kiri got adopted and the ministry lost Spencer's english exam.

After many frantic calls - we found the exam and hopefully got everything straightened out and we'll get his English 30-1 diploma mark shortly.

Spence has also been very injury prone this past month or so - groin injury, he rolled his ankle twice now and is now off playing volleyball for at least another week.  We have a brace for him to wear - so he doesn't roll his ankle again - he keeps landing on folks and rolling it.

March should be good - Spencer will concentrate on Socials and we still have Latin, PE and Math to finish over the next few months.  Latin & PE are scheduled classes that end in May - Math has to be done by June.
Noc's new outdoor cat space.  In the spring, I'll be adding some comforts like carpet, pillows and beds

And....Kiri has been adopted!!!! She found a great family in Edmonton, they have another shy cat and some pups - she's loving her new mom Jessica.