Friday, January 16, 2015

Got an exemption from Part A - now working with various school boards to have the entire test thrown out and use only the class mark - which would be fantastic for Spence as he currently sits between an 83-85% on his class work.

Still practicing for the test on Tuesday in case he still has to sit for it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So yesterday was not fun.  Spence was supposed to write Part A of the English 30 exam and along with 2,000 other students in the province was shut down due to the servers crashing at Alberta Ed.  After almost a full day of arguing with the Director of Education on behalf of my child (no help from my school board may I add) along with several other parents - we got exemptions from Part A and so next week he will do Part B and that will count towards 100% of his diploma exam mark.

We opted for this as there was no opportunity to make up Part A before the re-write session in April or June - which would put Spence in jeopardy of getting into college this year...which would be ok if we didn't mind doing nothing for a year.....arg.

Oh well, Spence is now studying for Part B and he will write next Tuesday!