Thursday, April 02, 2015

Well, Tuesday was a busy day....I got up at 5am to go meet with a potential client at 7:15.  Turns out they went with another person - which is too bad, but I did my part and met with them.  I got home before 9am and Spence and I finished getting stuff organized and headed out the door.

Rikki arrived shortly after and started her stay with the house and animals.

We arrived early enough to get Spencer fingerprinted at the NEXUS office - so he's all set to go in August when he heads out with his dad to the US.

We breezed through security and waited for our flight - it was a very smooth flight, we got served two meals (which was pretty good), lots of movies, etc and we landed in Tokyo on time at 2:30 the next day.

We followed the instructions provided by our host and got to our apartment without any issues - although by that time, I had been up for nearly 24 hours and was a bit loopy.  We had a quick bite from the local grocery store and then went to sleep about 7pm.

We got up this morning feeling pretty good at 7am and we found out nothing opens till 10am or we had breakfast and got ready to find a larger grocery store.  We headed out for a kilometre walk.  We found our store, I also got a new grocery bag and a new apron for my souvenirs for the trip.  We found a 3 prong converter for my macbook at the Apple store on the way back - I have spent about $100 on converters for this trip - even though they are on the same system (well close to) the US - they use unpolarized plugs - so had to get polarized to unpolarized converters so we could plug all our devices into the walls.

We dropped off our groceries and then headed off to the Akihabara district for the rest of the day.  We arrived just before noon, grabbed a snack from a bakery and then wandered through a variety of electronic shops.  We also stopped off and visited a Maid Cafe - which was on Spencer's hit list along with this district.

We were both tired by 3pm and headed home on the train.  We arrived home, had a nap and then headed over to the little grocery for pop and a sweet bun to share for dessert.

We made sandwiches for supper, had our sweet bun and are now chilling and planning the rest of our trip out tonight.

Some cool things though .... our toilet seat is heated - OMG - why don't we have these in Canada?  The washing machine, is super small and convenient and, and, and - the wet room (which is a shower and tub room - is also our dryer - how you ask?  the wall has options - you can turn the wet room into a dryer - you hang your clothing on the racks, press the 'dry' button and the entire room becomes a hot dryer - very cool.

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