Saturday, March 07, 2015

Well Kiri, who was adopted is back home with us.  The adoptive family decided she was 'too shy' and was violent towards her dogs and children and wanted to return her.  This is after she did not follow instructions for integrating the shy little cat with the rest of her family.

Thanks to my friend Jim, who happened to be working in Edmonton and close to her house, Kiri got a great ride home and was very quickly back in our pack - Karma doting over her, Noc grooming her and Priya trying to scarf down any left over cat food.

We'll let her adjust for a bit and then back up for adoption.

We also decided Spence needed some new clothing - he hasn't really shopped since last October - he's gotten a few things here / there - shoes, shirts, etc - but he grew a bit recently and everything was feeling like it was fitting just a little off we went and got him some new stuff - two new coats, several pairs of jeans, shirts, etc - and he'll go through his old closet to see what needs to be donated and what still fits and then we'll see if we need to get more stuff or if he has enough clothing.  We also plan to get some clothing in Japan - so we're keeping that in mind.

Spencer's english exam grades are now being calculated - we submitted his class grade by the deadline (he had 83% in english! - which is great for a kid who doesn't like to write essays and that's pretty much all he did this past semester).  We should have his diploma exam mark by next week.  Now we have to gather all of his assignments and teacher's comments and put it together in a portfolio for the school to review.

Spence also injured himself again (rolled ankle) but he's been good all week and tonight he goes off to play volleyball again with his team.  Tonight is a club tournament, so it should be a good time.

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