Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well, the airport had a power outage - yes, the entire airport...so no NEXUS yesterday.  We ended up going home and then Spence did a bit of Socials before his dad picked him up for the day with Jaz and Syd for a day at the mall....yes, you heard me right - James spent the day at the mall with three kids...he's a brave man!

They all went to Volleyball afterwards and I went to Risa's kids play - which was good to watch.

Neither Spence or I could sleep last night .... so 3 am and we finally both felt tired enough to sleep.  Spence had latin this morning, then off to PE.

I had a webinar, took the dogs to daycare and we picked Jacob up on the way to PE.  After PE, lunch with the group and then home for a nap.  Picked up the dogs, made taco meat for supper - Spence made himself some burritos and I made myself nachos.

After supper, we worked on his costume - we shaped the first two points of the shield enough to call it a day.  Tomorrow two more points.

Now, time to study a bit for me and Spence is working on a video.

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