Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Priya (previously Moli)

So the other thing I noticed was we haven't posted pictures of Priya.  She was our foster Moli back in March before Hunter passed away.  She got adopted by a lovely family and then kinda decided she didn't want to live with them anymore and did some bad stuff.

She came back to me as her foster and we decided she was going to stay with us.  She is the epitome of being happy to be alive!  She has a lot of issues to get over still - but overall, she will be a terrific adult the meantime, we'll be training her, giving her lots of love and both Karma and Noc like her (although Noc still thinks he can beat her in playtime, but really - he can't).

Priya at just over a year old, with our foster Kiri

Priya (then Moli) at about 9 weeks old, as our foster

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