Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Three Little Kittens

Realized today that I hadn't posted pics of my three little kittens.....we started fostering these three homeless kittens at a few weeks of age - I've never given a kitten cat milk before, but these guys were on cat milk and cat pablum - I got them as they were coming off bottle feeding (no mom found with them)
Just after they arrived - they got baths and didn't much enjoy them

They had blue eyes when they were little

How cute is that?

Really - you can't see me in here 

Wow - love TV! (that's how you keep a kitten occupied)

chillin and watching the world go by

But Noc said we could climb the ladder....

The one that is still with us - Kiri Duv (Curious Shadow), nickname is Sweet Pea - very shy little girl, but oh so cuddly 

She has gorgeous eyes

Kitten asleep - too cute

They fit in my pocket originally, then on the keyboard and now each one is bigger than my keyboard

Kiri chillin - she is shy and likes to just watch the world go by
my little Kiri now (she was my runt) - she is white with a few tan patches and a fluffy tan tail (tan on top, white underneath)

Fluffiness abounds - these are the softest kittens I have ever had - like silk and feathers

Kiri is still with me, while the other two (Mimoso [Cuddly] and Kara [she reminded me of the starbucks Caramel drinks] have been adopted out to a lovely gentleman).  Kiri might take a while to get adopted because she is so shy, but she has warmed up to me and we play video games each night (she likes to play the Friskies catch a fish game) and she likes to snuggle under the covers before heading off to sleep with Noc or Karma.

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