Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finally got the English 30-1 grade Spence got an overall mark of 76% (course / exam).  83% class mark, 69% exam - but we're not sure how that was calculated, so we've asked for each part to be provided separately and also the formula for calculating Part A, which was arbitrarily given by the Ministry.

We double checked with St. Mary's and Spence has his 'provisional' acceptance still - and once all grades are in (before August) - he'll get his 'final' acceptance.  He has to pick courses though in May or June - so a bit weird, but at least he doesn't have to re-write his English 30 exam.  He has to average 65% overall in order to be admitted and so far he's well above that.

We still have Latin, PE, Socials and Math to hand in - Latin & PE in May once the classes are done, Socials will be done this month (Spence has to decide if he will write the Socials 30 exam - it's optional) and Math (which he writes the exam in June).

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