Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Spence started doing the Renert exam prep classes on Sunday (these are 3 hour long sessions - nightly) and he's loving it.  He loves the teacher and the class.  The teacher is a highschool english teacher and he said - if all teachers were like this, school would be a good idea - but of course they aren't.  His other english teacher for his essay course - is the opposite and it's funny because the essay teacher is teaching stuff the Renert teacher says is not important...oh well.

We decided we needed a treat last night - so it was our dinner out...we ordered take out from Taste of Saigon, because we were short on time to get to the class.  They got our order wrong for Spencer's meal, but it was a happy mixup because he said the food was really good.  I loved my dinner as well and the serving was big enough for two full meals.

Today, it's back to the grind - PE and then more Renert.  Spence is going to hang out with some of the kids afterwards and I'll pick him up from Renert tonight.

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