Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So yesterday was not fun.  Spence was supposed to write Part A of the English 30 exam and along with 2,000 other students in the province was shut down due to the servers crashing at Alberta Ed.  After almost a full day of arguing with the Director of Education on behalf of my child (no help from my school board may I add) along with several other parents - we got exemptions from Part A and so next week he will do Part B and that will count towards 100% of his diploma exam mark.

We opted for this as there was no opportunity to make up Part A before the re-write session in April or June - which would put Spence in jeopardy of getting into college this year...which would be ok if we didn't mind doing nothing for a year.....arg.

Oh well, Spence is now studying for Part B and he will write next Tuesday!

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