Saturday, April 19, 2014

After about 12 hours Dave finally arrived safely in Calgary.  Two winter white out storms, one hail & lightning storm and one monsoon took a toll on the total number of hours required to get home.

He arrived and the boys (Spence, Jacob & Gino) were there for the promised pizza - which they devoured.  Then the boys headed back to Jacob's for the sleepover and Dave and I both toddled off to bed.

I'm still sick, so planning no work today, just puttering and getting stuff ready for the fireplace install.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Well, I have a full blown sinus cold and have decided to retreat and get better by having the fireplace on and relaxing.  Spence is feeling better, but other than starting to plan out Grade 12, we wont do much.

Ellie and Karma are getting along well and Noc is enamored by Ellie's tail (it wags constantly, which to the cat means, I can catch it).

So - hopefully a relaxing day and enough rest to ensure the cold goes away quickly.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yesterday was a big day all around.

Joe came over and we officially signed off on Grade 11 and moved onto Grade 12.  Spence will take the rest of this week off and next from school and we'll do our plan up for Grade 12 and then start on it the following week.

Josie went to her forever home yesterday with Tiffany and Frankie (her other dog) and then I was fosterless for about 1/2 hour before I went to pick Ellie up.

Ellie is a 10 month old healer cross, who was stabbed, shot and apparently run over by a car as well (that last one was new to me).  I had met her at the first aid course and Karma and her were best buds, so when a 2 week temporary foster stint became available for her, I took it.  Ellie has had her leg reset and it's completely healed now.  Her muscles have been knit together again and they are healing and after they heal fully, they will remove the bullet from her.  She is the sweetest dog ever - especially for one who was so abused in the first few months of her little life.

Ellie came home with Karma and me (I wanted to make sure they were still best buds) and they were together for the rest of the day along with Noc who kept coming up to Ellie and licking her paws.

Around supper time, I took Spence to Earl's as his celebratory grad dinner and we had a really good meal there.  Then he went off to play for a bit and I did a bit of work.

Around 8pm though, he came up complaining of headache, sore throat, etc and decided he was off to bed.  I was feeling about the same, so before 10pm we were both in bed and sleeping.

Today, I cancelled all our appointments, except for the therapist and we plan to just rest today and tomorrow.

Ellie & Karma playing yesterday afternoon

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I pushed hard yesterday, felt a bit light headed by the time I got home, but no vertigo.  It was nice to get all our groceries caught up and Spence to his PE class and time with his friends.

He headed out with his dad afterwards and I did a bit of work and watched some Bones.

Today is end of school day - Joe comes for his visit and Spence will have officially finished Grade 11 and we'll be working on Grade 12 .... really it doesn't matter for us as we're already working out of the Grade 12 books, but nice to have that officially over with.

Today is also the day that Josie goes to her forever home.  Tiffany (her new mom) will be picking her up this afternoon and then she'll be with her new family.  I hope she has as much fun as Priya is having with her family.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Woot - I can drive again :) Today is PE and Karma's daycare day.  Josie slept in her crate the entire night without crying, Karma was happy to go to daycare and I'm enjoying a coffee.

Dave took off early this morning for Saskatoon to do work there at the new Cactus Club with his co-worker who is flying in from Vancouver, they will be there for 3 or 4 days and then back to Calgary to work on some stuff here.

Before Dave left, he finished up the fireplace framing for the installation and also cut me a piece of wood to cover the hole that will be left where the old fireplace is.  Hoping he gets to stay another week or two here to work on Cactus Club so we can do a bit more work around the house before he leaves.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Today - 2nd day of no dizziness....yay, means that I can drive tomorrow :) and I passed the CIA exam - the last part this morning.

We have school, a bit of work and chilling for the rest of the night.  Dave is heading off to Saskatoon for the week tonight as well.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Better still today and hopefully will get both more studying done and more work done.  Spence is off to have lunch with his dad and Dave is doing more stuff around the house.