Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tuesday was PE and hanging out with friends afterwards.  Wednesday was Moli's spaying day and I went to work in the morning, then a luncheon and then when I got home we did school.

Math, reading, spelling, geography, printing and essay.  James picked Spence up before I got back from picking up Moli.  I tell you - the only thing about fostering is that when you have to use their vets, and their vets are 50km from home in each direction - it's a long drive.

Dave got home just about the same time I did and after we arranged our parking, as I have to leave earlier today than he does, I walked the dogs and made supper for myself.

Dave decided he needed a nap and I didn't feel like cooking, so he was left to fend for himself - which he did and promptly etched my new glass top stove and burnt my la Creuset skillet so badly the enamel started to crack.  He's a good cook, but he must have been out of it or something, because that was a big mess and may not be able to be fixed....which would suck.  I have now banned him from using my stove or my stove top pots/pans.

He said he can buff out the etching in the stove top - hope he's right but the enamel cracks cannot be fixed so we'll have to see how that goes as la Creuset does not make these specific pans anymore.

Today is museum volunteering for Spence, I'll pop off to work, Karma is in daycare and Moli has to be in her kennel so she can rest and not open up her wound.  She ate her cone of shame last night in the kennel, so I guess we'll just leave the diaper on and hope she doesn't open up the wound.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Not much going on - Spence slept over at Jacob's on Friday, came home Saturday and relaxed but went to bed early as Sunday morning he was off snowboarding with his dad and Tammy's girls.

He decided he wanted to do most of his school Sunday night, so he could take most of Monday off - so we did math, reading, printing, drums, essay, geography on Sunday and then spelling today.

He pretty much chilled until it was time to go to the dentist and get the rest of his cavities filled - which took over an hour to do.  I dropped him off at COP afterwards so he could snowboard with his dad and Tammy's girls tonight.

Tomorrow is PE, so we'll go do that and then come home to do some chores and make supper.