Saturday, March 01, 2014

The view from our balcony last night - beautiful North Shore views - this city is so lovely - too bad it's not the right city for me to live in at the moment.

We had a great dinner at Cactus Club across the street and then headed out to Surrey to see Dave's shop - it's truly spectacular how he has done up his shop.  I need my garage to work like his shop - the amount of stuff I could have .... another project for another day.

Discovered that the driver's here are truly bad drivers - I mean really bad.  On the way to Surrey almost got creamed by a driver trying to exit from 4 lanes across and didn't think twice about going thru my rental car to get to the exit.  Then after filling for gas 5 blocks from the hotel - had a driver cross the yellow line and come straight at me before swerving back across and into another guy next to him, then a guy ran a red light, slammed on his breaks to avoid hitting me and then swerved around me as he honked and kept going - seriously - why even have lights if folks ignore them and then the last guy kept pushing me into the sidewalk and I kept slowing down, he was swerving all over the place - I pretty much came to a full stop on Georgia in order to let him have enough room to crash at his leisure - um, where are the cops?  all of these guys seemed impaired to me - or they never should have passed their road tests...either way.....scary 5 blocks.

This morning I got up before 9am and headed to the lounge - full hot breakfast, it was great.  After i was full, I grabbed a cereal box and milk for Spence for when he gets up.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Dave is on his way downtown and we'll meet up in the lobby and then head over to Cactus Club to eat supper - early BD dinner for him as he'll be out of town (Calgary that is) on his BD.  Then we'll be off to visit his place to take a look at his shop - he's been working on some cool stuff.
Well, last night I slept on the couch because I didn't want to change the sheets in the morning, so I changed them yesterday....well that resulted in a very nice snuggle with the kitten all night because he was cold (down to about 55 overnight) and Karma was nearby snuggling on the footstool because she couldn't fit on the couch with us.

We got up at 5:30 and I got breakfast, got organized and woke up to find my power cord stopped working.  I woke Spence up at 6:45 and we both finished getting organized and got Karma off to daycare on our way to the airport.

We got in and through security quickly and then waited for our flight to board.  We arrived safely and then took the train downtown.  We walked over and when we arrived at the hotel, they asked if we'd like to get an upgrade to a 1 bd-corner, yes please!  Our suite is nice - no kitchen, but the lounge and snack floor is down the stairs at our door.

We headed out to lunch at Miku - Spence managed to eat the Sashimi sampler with soup, rice, salad, sashimi and veggies and topped it with calamari for dessert.  I had the vegi sushi sampler, which was great - bbq'd eggplant, mushroom, avocado and asparagus - both very good.

We then walked over to see Igor, but he wasn't there and then headed to Fluevog to get laces for Spence and to look at a pair of shoes I'd been drooling over on their webpage.  I tried on the shoes but they were not comfortable and didn't fit right - but Spence pointed out another shoe and they were totally me and fun.

 Then Spence and I walked back to the hotel, he went upstairs and I went back to the mall - Murchies for my annual tea purchase from them and then off to Apple to get a new power cord.

I got the power cord and then headed back to see what was out for snacks.  I grabbed a few things and then came upstairs to share with Spence.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today is another regular school day and as Spence said to me yesterday - Mom, I have to get serious about this, I'm heading off to college in a few he's becoming more focus'd with his goals which is great.

Other than that, we are getting ready for our weekend in Vancouver and we're planning on spending Friday with Dave who has taken the day off work to be tourists with us :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

School day today, a bit of work for me, ortho for Spence (he's getting his new retainer), then Spence is off with his dad to snowboard and I'm off to celebrate a 25th anniversary for a company I do some work with every once in a while.

So the awesome Nikon camera I purchased at the end of September 2013 - broke while in Hawaii.  Turns out it corroded from being in over 80% humidity - seriously - Nikon says it's cameras are not to be used in (1) areas where humidity is over 80% and (2) where it may rain (3) where it may be exposed to wet conditions....this is from the head of customer service at Nikon....really?  A camera you can't use on vacation in the tropics?  why buy a camera then in the first place - use a point & click.  For $700 I am very disappointed in the quality of build and the resulting customer service and will never purchase another product again from them as they have proven with this experience that they advertise that their camera's do one thing - but in reality they are not built for that purpose.  Very disappointing.  Will be calling Visa to see if they can help with the issue as they do have a good purchase warranty.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today it's off to the ortho for new retainer fitting and then off to PE - should be a good day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Well Spence did not pass on his first try at the road test.  He did very well on the way up, but got nervous and didn't do so well on the actual exam.  We'll practice for a few more weeks and get him more comfortable - friends have offered to drive with him so he gets used to having others in the car besides just James and me - so I might take them up on that.
Yesterday with the boys sleeping over, we didn't get much done until after lunch.  The boys all left by just after 1pm and then Spence and I headed off to the Royal Board shop for his new snow board equipment.

They'll have to order his board and bindings, but he walked out with new shoes and gloves - so when he goes tonight with his dad and Tammy's girls at least he'll have his own comfortable boots to wear.

After we did that it was 3pm and we were both hungry, so we stopped in at Lina's - turns out they close the deli at 2pm and we ended up having pizza - but it wasn't fresh and both of us got sick afterwards... and it cost us $20 with a drink each - so it's not as good as the last time we went for sure.

Then we headed off to Crowfoot to do a mock driving exam.  Spence started off well and wanted me to tell him when he made mistakes - but that was a big mistake.  He got flustered and started making bigger mistakes.  So after about 15 minutes - he said we're done - can I just drive?  Yep - and then he was driving perfect again.  So note to self - you can't give him instant feedback.  So he drove for another 20 minutes and executed every turn well, parallel parked without issue and parked in various parking spots without any hickups - I was white knuckled a few times as he came within inches of another car when parking - but when he parked he was smack dab in the middle of the lines between two cars that parked over the lines.  I am really hoping that today his examiner puts him to ease and allows him to just be himself.  He'll do well that way.  He is a very careful driver and I was impressed with how much more comfortable he has become over the past few weeks that he's been driving everywhere.

Once we were done, he parked in the movie theatre parking and we went to see the Lego movie.  It was ok, but not as good as I had thought it would be based on everyone telling me how good it was...figures.  It was a nice time out with Spence though.

He drove home and we discovered he had left his room door open or it was closed but the latch hadn't taken - because Karma had taken his retainer and box and eaten it.  There was about 2 teeth of the retainer left and 3/4 of the box itself.  I've made an appt with the orthodontist to get a new one done - hoping the healthcare company will take care of the majority of the bill.

When we got home, both of our tummy's were still not well and so we skipped dinner and he was so tired from the day, he went to bed at 9pm and I toddled off shortly after.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yesterday was chore day and driving day - we did a bunch of driving for Spence to get more comfortable with the road test approaching.  We also cleaned the house.

We had a board games night last night and although a lot of folks were sick, we had a few over and the kids played Risk Legacy - a new game Spencer bought for the party.  You spend the first 15 games creating a world and then it becomes like regular risk.

It was a pretty good night.  Today is kids going home (they all slept over) and then Spence and I are getting his new snowboard stuff with his dad and then he's practicing more driving.