Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well the game of Magic lasted about a half hour - they found out it was the wrong game and they were too late to join another game at another store, so instead they decided to play at Jacob's house....and at
about 11pm, I got the 'I'm sleeping over at Jacob's' text.  I checked with Joanne and she said it was fine, so the boys did another sleepover.

I'm grabbing him at 11, so he can get ready to head out with his dad for the afternoon and then once he's home he has school to catch up with as he didn't end up doing any yesterday.

Today, I'm off to run a few errands and then do some more work while Spence is out.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Yesterday was pretty good - Spence got all his school done and did well on his practice Pure Math 30 exam we did.  We'll be studying for the exam for the rest of the year as our math program.

We headed off to drums and then we went over to Jonathan's.  Spence went for his BD sleepover and BD dinner with them and I came home to do some work and relax.

Today I grab him around lunch and then we'll do school and get ready for Volleyball and then head over to Yume for BD dinner - Spence and Jacob are exchanging BD dinners and then heading next door to play Magic all night.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I guess Spencer is doing a week of sleepovers ...... so he had dinner with his dad last night and then his dad dropped him off at Jacob's so they could celebrate Jacob's BD (they are both now 16) and then called to tell me he was sleeping over and could  I pick him up in the morning so he could get school done.....not sure how that's going to work, given they like to stay up virtually all night, but then again, it's one week and boy are the boys enjoying their joint birthday.

So I worked until I was too tired to look at the computer and then toddled off to bed.

Today I pick Spence up and he'll do school while I go to a seminar, then I think we're heading out to Cochrane for lunch and then to drums and then back to Cochrane for Spence to visit some more with Jonathan and then they want to do a sleepover for Spencer's BD.  So we'll see where we end up today - school will get done, work will get done and we'll see what else we end up doing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We did a second BD dinner for Spence tonight - just him and I - he got Chili Butter Chicken, Curried Potatoes and Peas, Chana Masala, Rice, Naan and Papadum....he had 3 servings, so I am assuming he liked the food :)

Today is a school / work day and then Spence is off to see James and Grampa for BD dinner #3.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last night was Spencer's first birthday dinner....continuing in grama's tradition, we're celebrating for as long as possible :)

Yesterday was a great day off for Spence - he slept in, then had soup and played with his buddies and then he did his practice driving for about 15 minutes and then he drove to Gerri's place to pick grama up on the way to Cactus Club.

We thought it wise not to have Spence drive to Cactus Club with grama in the car, so I drove from Gerri's place.  We arrived about 10 minutes early to find both Grampa and James already seated at a table and they had placed the appi order in already so it came pretty quickly after we all sat down.

Spence got money from auntie (the best pressie I think for a 16 yr old), grama & grampa gave Spence a reloadable visa card and James and I had split the cost of a replica sword Spencer wanted.  We all had a nice meal and James and Spence planned out their week and then we headed home.

Spence went down to play with Jonathan, who hasn't been online for a while due to school and so they played, I was tired so I knocked off early.

Today because Bailey is sick and Spence wanted to do some school and driving, we've opted not to do PE and we'll do some school, driving and then BD dinner #2 from me - I'm making him his favorite Butter Chicken for dinner tonight.

Monday, February 10, 2014

So today is my baby's birthday - he turns 16!  Time flies.

I have given him the day off school as is our tradition and so I expect him to sleep, lounge, play video games with his friends and meet up with Jacob later on.  We also have a family birthday dinner at Cactus Club with grama and grampa - should be a very nice birthday for my boy.

Both dogs are well again, I'm still working on year end stuff - but overall, things are going well.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Spence got his late night last night and so today I expect he won't get up till mid-afternoon :)

In the meantime I did a bit of work last night, the house is a mess because it's busy season and I think I have to take a break from work to get some dishes cleaned and clothes washed - I'm dumping all the other chores till end of February at this point...too much still to finish off at work before the year end report has to be done.

Hunter is finally starting to eat again and drink water and he's behaving in his normal grumpy self.  Karma is now fully back to normal and Noc - well, Noc is Noc ..... terrorizing both dogs :)

Well back to work I go :)