Saturday, February 08, 2014

So Spence did his pre-road test drive lesson today and was given areas to continue working on - so we'll practice for another two weeks and then he'll do his road test.
So Karma is doing well.  Hunter has calmed down but still isn't eating much or drinking much - hoping he get's back to normal shortly.

Today is busy - Spence didn't get to stay up late last night because he had a driving refresher course at 10am....2 hours of driving on icy roads in -15 weather with Crowchild and Shaganappi both shut down due to major accidents.....this is probably the worst driving conditions he'll drive in for a while, so hoping he does well and is confident for his road test after today's lesson.

Once driving is done, Spence has a birthday party he's going to.  Jacob and Spence were born 2 days apart, so they are planning their sleepovers a week apart :)

I've got work and chores to do and otherwise, it'll be a quiet but busy Saturday.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Yesterday was busy - with Karma off to the vet for testing and Hunter acting weird and doing school, work and going to IKEA for lunch and a visit, home before James came to get Spence for Pho with Grampa.

I went to grab Karma from the vet at 8pm, they found a blockage in her upper intestines - could be air, food or foreign particle.....they added barium to some food and watched it come to the blockage and because of the blockage, nothing will process - gas, food, etc.  So they said if it hasn't started to move on it's own by this morning she will have to go thru surgery.

When she got home, I started massaging her tummy and I am hoping between all the peeing, farting and burping, she will have started to move the blockage enough not to have surgery.

Today is busy with school, work, volleyball and chores.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Spence had a good day yesterday - getting everything done and heading out with his dad for supper with the girls.

I had left over chinese for lunch and had a reaction again - I thought the prior night was another food, but it was the Chinese - there must have been MSG in it.  I gave Karma some at supper figuring that since she wanted to try it and it was going to waste, I'd add it into her supper and Hunters.

Hunter did fine, but Karma had a massive allergic reaction and I spent the rest of the night up with her.  Benadryl helped a bit, but not much - she has been up all night and she wants me to be touching her all the time.  She won't eat, pee, drink, sleep - she just sits and stares with pupils fully dilated - at least now she is answering to her name.  We have a vet appointment this morning instead of her going to daycare.

I had called the emergency vet but they said it could wait until she can see her regular doc.

Today is busy with school for Spence, work for me and lunch at IKEA for Spence with the PE crew.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Darned it's cold!  -28 without wind and pee time is fast even for Karma the husky :)

I actually closed my window last night - which is usually opened a crack because my side of the house doesn't get any wind and so the fresh air is nice.

Dave left late last night for Kelowna as he has a job to do early today.  Then he's back in Vancouver for a few weeks and then back in Saskatoon for a few weeks and round and round he'll go until May.

Spence was hoping to head out to COP tonight, but with this weather, he decided he'd rather not and so his dad and him will head out to do something with Tammy and the girls instead he thinks.

I am trying to finish off the last of the audit stuff for this year and close off all my files by Friday - so I'll just be working.

For school today - the usual - math, reading, printing, essay, drums, live streaming, parking practice..not much else.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I slept in today, but still managed to take Karma to daycare before 8:30 - but the traffic was horrendous.  Today is PE day and so that's pretty much it.  Dave is here another day to work in Calgary and then he's back to Vancouver for a few weeks.

Monday, February 03, 2014

The weekend went by fast.  Spence did two sleepovers at Jacob's and still managed to make me a birthday supper on Saturday - spaghetti w mushroom tomato sauce and chili chicken for him and Dave.

Sunday was another relaxing day - Spence came home around 11am and went to bed as the boys pulled an all nighter - coming over at 2am to have snacks at our house and then back to Jacob's for more video game time.

Sunday evening was another birthday dinner - this time with Kirsten and we tried out a new place Safari Grill - it was ok, but not as good as we'd heard.  It was great catching up with Kirsten, have to make it a habit to go out with her more often and keep in touch more.  While I went to another BD dinner, Spence and Dave headed out to Smash Burger and had a great supper there.

Once home, we all went about doing our own thing - Dave working on my LED lights for the door numbers, Spence playing online with his buddies and me trying to finish this payroll journal entry I've been working on for months....did finish it last night!

Today I took Dave to the airport for his flight to Saskatoon - gross roads, we couldn't see the lines with the blowing snow and so we took it really easy.  He's through security and his flight is on-time.

Spence and I will have a regular Monday - school, work, chill and then Spence will head out with his dad for dinner.