Saturday, January 11, 2014

Well, I think I'm just about over the flu, however, Spence got another round and with meds is still sleeping this morning.

Hoping that he gets better by Monday.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hoping today will be our last sick day - I'm feeling much better today and hoping Spence is too

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Well today is an official sick day for both of us.  We have no where to go and we were both worse by 9pm last night when we decided we'd head off for bed - I finally got to sleep by 10:30 and I think Spence was fast asleep by 10, as I passed by his room and I could hear him snoring :)

I had a massive fever last night, but it broke this morning and I was hungry for the first time in over 24 hrs - so I think I'm on the other side of it - so lots of fluids today and rest and hopefully by Monday we'll both be back at it.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Well now we're both a bit sick - sinus, headaches and achey all over - hoping it goes away by the the meantime, we'll continue easing back into a routine and working at getting some school and work done.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Today we did PE - even though Spence is still a bit jetlagged - so by 2pm, he was tired enough to want to go home for a quick nap before his dad showed up to take him out tonight.

I was planning on having chow mien - but my teeth still hurt a lot from the ortho - so I think I am going for something soft - like soup :)

Today was a big day for me too - I finally paid off the truck - about 20 months early :) so the truck is now fully paid off and no more payments for it :) yay.  James and I had decided to leave the loan in both our names as I had hoped to pay it off this year - so we're both pretty happy that the loan will be gone from both of our credit bureaus :)

Monday, January 06, 2014

Back to it...and a final sigh of relief.

So I had an ortho appt today and decided to have my last work at home day today.  I did the appt, came home and saw that Spence was still fast asleep - he had gone to sleep early and I figured his jetlag wasn't over, but I got him up and we started with a light school order today.

Spelling, reading, craft work for Bailey's gift, chores, drums, etc.

In the meantime the ring drama was finally over (I hope) as grama and grampa went to retrieve Spencer's ring from TSA.

Spencer had taken his ring off at the TSA checkpoint in Maui on Friday when they were leaving for Calgary - they were the last two going through and were rushed by the agent.  The agent retrieved the basket with Spencer's ring in it before Spence had a chance to grab it back and then headed off to catch his flight with James.  The fellow who took the basket - did not return the ring to lost & found immediately.  When grama called, it had not been returned and when I called later on - same thing.  I read up on the TSA website that they had a claims process and if they found the item was stolen by an agent, the agent would get fired I set about working on the claim - the first step is to ID the agent, which is done through their security footage.

The lady I spoke to (Jamie) was not happy to help, but agreed as I was trying to process a claim for a ring that was 'lost' but really more likely stolen - if it had not been returned by now (which was over 24 hours and the fellow had been back on shift I found out).  I called back again after 24 hours and spoke to another woman and explained that I needed the info or the ring so I can either get compensation or have them return our property.  In the meantime, I found out Visa covers theft, loss or damage of a purchase for 90 days (good to know) and my home insurance would also have covered it (also good to know).

I get a call back from Deb about 2 hours later saying that when they interviewed the agent in question and showed him the video feed he 'found' the ring and brought it I guess since he brought it back, he won't be getting fired - but heads up on making sure you get all your items back.  TSA apparently has a pretty big problem with agents stealing from passengers.

Deb asked me to describe the ring and after I said Tiffany & Co - she said - yep, it's yours.  She said it wasn't often people thought to get the TSA to look for this type of thing - so they end up having a lot of items in their logs.

She set it aside in the manager's office for grama & grampa to come pick up for us - grama & grampa made the trip out get it for us today and texted when they had the ring in their hands.  Grampa will bring it with him to Calgary in early February.

Incredibly happy to have the ring back - as Spence got it only the day before.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

So we both stayed up last night - me to 12:30 working on my admin stuff and Spence to whenever watching anime.  The goal today - sleep as much as possible and then try and start getting back into our routine today.

The TVs are coming this afternoon, I have chores I didn't do yesterday, the garage drywall, client work, studying for my exam and admin it will be a busy Sunday and a good day to be inside as it is a whopping -27 (-34 w windchill) outside today and not supposed to warm up a whole lot.