Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yesterday was a very relaxing first day of vacation......we chilled until school time and Spence logged into the Latin class and then we got ready for D&D.

Michelle & Ethan came by to grab us and we all headed over to the game shop.  We stopped at Olive Garden as Michelle has a sweet deal with a card she bought from them - then the kids played for just over 2 hrs and then we headed back to Michelle's for a bit, with another stop for food at the Olive Garden for Spence.

We all had a great visit and then they came back here, while Todd worked and the boys had a swim in the pool, while Michelle and I got new SIM cards for the US phones and some items at Walmart.  We got back and the boys decided they wanted to do a sleepover - so they all left and I got some serious work done last night.

Today is park day and some errands for me along with more work, while I have no commitments this morning.

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