Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Well it's been a busy few days......after Boomer's last week, we took Friday off to relax and went to Sublime for supper - took about half the meal home as we had ordered a 3 course meal each....although Spence did not take home any of the Mac & Cheese or Ravioli - he finished both off at the restaurant.

Saturday Spence hung out with his friends and I did my annual Sawgrass trip and scored big on sales and then Sunday was another hang out with friends day...we opted not to go to the beach as it was so busy at the malls, etc that we figured we'd go on a weekday.

Monday I headed up to West Palm Beach to have lunch and catch up with Laura, then got caught in a traffic jam as they closed the highway going south.  Finally got home about 2.5 hrs later - 1.5 hrs after I thought I would, but still early enough to grab the boys.

Spence had headed to PE with Ethan and then after supper we all went to fencing.

Yesterday we had planned a beach day, but it was raining and Spence was sick, so we hung out at home and then headed to Hard Rock to grab our glasses, my t-shirt, a hoodie for Caitlin as a thank you for house sitting and supper - supper sucked, the rest was good.  I had planned on taking Spence to the Japanese Fusion place at the Hard Rock, but it had closed a few months back.  After supper, I dropped Spence off at his buddies house and I headed home to do a bit more work.

Today is mini-golf, after my conference calls and then we'll have to see tomorrow and friday as both days are supposed to rain big time again.  Today it's overcast and spitting.

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