Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finally back to Florida .... :)

We started our adventure at 3am yesterday, getting ready and up for the flight.  We were off by 4am without any issues.  We were both so tired, neither of us slept at all and we had upgraded to the plus seats and discovered you get free food/drinks on the flight - which saved us as nothing was really open when we left.

We arrived at Toronto on time, then went through customs and realized we had to go back and get our bags.  We got our bags and went back through customs - and then onto security and our gate.  We discovered a few things - Spence doesn't have his fingerprints on file and so we have to do that or he can no longer use the kiosks - so we will do that and the Westjet lounge in Pearson is one big bar and Starbucks coffee shop - so we bought a yogurt and shared that as neither of us wanted fried foods - too tired.

We had a very smooth flight and we counted down the hours to landing during the flight and finally arrived at 5:30 (on-time).  We headed over to the Dollar counter and discovered that there were only two agents and the line up was long (I was second in line at least).  A half hour later, I still hadn't seen an agent and finally the manager walked by and got another 3 agents out to help the renters.  Not sure why the agents chatting it up with customers couldn't call for more help - but whatever.

I had gotten an email about a discount from my rate, so I asked for it and eventually got the rate discount when the manager told the agent to match it.  It was only $40 - but every dollar helps.

We then headed to the apartment we rented and met with the owner Deborah.  She is a sweet lady and the place is much better than last year.  Nice complex and the hot tub and pool are nice.

We then headed off to Skyline when we found out that Ethan was fencing and ate our fill before I dropped Spence off at the condo and I headed off to the grocery store.  I got our base supplies for the next month, snacks and the few things I forgot to pack.  Once unpacked at home, we headed off to the hot tub for a bit and then once home, we both decided it was time for bed.

Today - still groggy but will start our vacation as soon as we're both up!

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