Thursday, September 25, 2014

Well, today was an interesting Latin class as the teacher forgot about it and didn't show up.  She was attending a funeral and was busy with the arrangements and completely forgot - but the kids decided to have the class anyhow and did a self-directed class.  They didn't assign any homework though as they don't know what the teacher had planned for the following week.

Spence worked on his essay, Dr. Jekyll and his English 30 and he did the dishes.

I ended up home at 3pm as my client had a team building event (shooting range) and so I did the photographs for it.

Spence and I went to Best Buy to grab a few things and then once Green Chili opened, we went out for our weekly dinner.  Once we got home, I finished shoring up the basement wall so that I can put up the next layer (closed cell foam insulation) tomorrow or Saturday.  Now it's time to study a bit and do a bit of work, while Spence plays some video games on the living room TV (currently the basement is not useable).

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