Sunday, September 07, 2014

Well, this weekend I'm pushing to get the rest of the stuff done before the HVAC is installed as it's a week long process.

Friday, I woke up still sick and decided to see if the meds would kick in long enough for me to make it to work....they finally did and I was in the office by 11:30 and stayed till about 4:30.

Spence got up and did a bit of school, then Paige texted and he went over for the rest of the day.  I went to pick him up at 10pm and they were playing star wars (as in outside with light sabres) all three of them - Taylor, Paige & Spence.  Taylor got killed almost immediately, while the other two went on for another half hour, so Paula and I had tea.

We left at 11:30 and I went to bed with more meds, while Spence headed over to Jacob's for a bit and then came home to play video games.

Yesterday - I got up and did a lot of chores - laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc and got stuff organized for dinner - which were doubles last night.  Spence got up around 3pm and was ready for his breakfast of doubles :)

He showered and got ready for volleyball practice and we left at 6:15 so that we would be there a few minutes early.  I stayed for the entire practice, reading my book, along with a few other parents.  There were four full courts and more than 12 kids per court, so they took turns with drills.  Eventually Spence managed to hurt himself (near the end) enough to be taken out of the game and he had a cold pack on his face for the last 15 minutes of play.  He enjoyed it though and we're back for practice on Monday night.

We headed off to Starbucks as a treat - found two of them closed and looked for a 3rd on the way home (there are 4 on the way home) and that one was open and so we both had our orders ready quickly and we headed home.

He went off to Jacob's again - he was meeting up with Gino, Jacob and the girls and off they went for the rest of the night - wandering from house to house.  They came here for a bit, let the kittens out and then couldn't capture them - Spence has now learned we don't let the kittens out after mum has put them to bed.  I had to get up and coax the last one to me so that she would come back to her crate and her safe place and bed.  Spence decided to do a sleep over at Jacob's about 4 am and walked over to let me know.

We (the critters and I) got up around 8:30, had our snuggles and then decided it was time to get up.  Made breakfast for everyone - crepes this morning and some coffee for me and now we'll get to the rest of our day - drywall the garage for me, some more chores and some work.  Critters will be chillin and Spence will come home before supper I'm sure.

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