Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The joys of living in Calgary......it snowed - yes it went from nearly 27 degrees on Sunday to 1 degree on Monday and from sunny skies to snow....about 3 or 4" on our deck.

More snow is on the way and then back to +15 degrees by the weekend.

In the meantime....Spence got the cold/flu I had and is busy being sick as a dog.  His first volleyball practice went well, until the last 15 minutes and I don't think that has helped as his face still hurts as well as having a headache, stuffy nose, nausea and general fatigue...so he's home sick.

Noc got sick too - so off to the vet with him.  The kittens are being checked for weight to see if they can get neutered and spayed and to see if Kari's heart murmur has gone away....and the pups are healthy and very energetic - Priya decided to eat Dave's blanket - thank goodness it was only $30 and I have a 2nd one I use in the living room for when it's cold....it'll now be the new guest room blanket when we have guests.

Well back to work for me....as I am still healthy today.

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