Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spence had a lot of school to catch up on (and still does), but he got up yesterday at 10am and did some school, decided a nap was in order and then got up again about a half hour later and did more school - Latin & Dr. Jekyll were the big ones yesterday.  He still has his essay writing, more Latin and more Dr Jekyll to do this week and he also has his English 30, driving practice and PE stuff.

I got home around 4:30 and drove him straight to his volleyball practice - I ended up dropping him off and heading to the grocery store to get the majority of our groceries for the week and then had a training session for both Priya and Karma with Jenn.

When we were almost done, James dropped Spence off as he had arrived around 5:30 at the dome to watch Spence practice and then take him out for supper at Earl's afterwards.

Spence did more homework once he was home and I got myself organized and did some client work and then we both toddled off to bed by 11pm as we have a long day again today.

PE for Spence, along with Latin first thing and then his novel study group in the afternoon before dinner - and we have Paige over for dinner - she's trying out a new recipe on Spence (Lobster).

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