Wednesday, September 03, 2014

So over the past week or so, Spence went off with his dad to do their annual boys away vacation to PAX in Seattle with Todd & Ethan.

They had a great time and came back tired and full of swag.

I worked, then worked on the house with Dave when he came back from Sask for the long weekend.  Dave and I got a lot done in preparation for having heat again (and boy do we need it now)...I have heat in the front entry (yay) and the fireplace (yay), but everything else is cold in the house - but we're ready to go.  I beat the bench from hell and it's down and lumber has been saved for another project, overhead storage in the garage has been mounted and filled - now just have to get the last of the stuff done - clean out half the basement so the HVAC guys can work, put more flooring down in the new mechanical room as we had to expand it by about 2 feet.

This week we get back at it.

Spence has a full load this semester - Latin (14 week course), Essay Writing (for his English 30 exam prep) (3 more weeks), Novel Study (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde) with his study group, PE starts up, Volleyball starts up, volunteering starts up again, he's possibly got a debate club as well and he's got a grammar class as very busy few months.  He also is continuing to practice his driving skills, and a few other things as he can fit them in...oh his English 30 Key, Socials 30 Key and we're still doing math & spelling quiz's .... ok ... I'm tired just writing this out.

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