Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hadn't realized almost a whole month has flown by......August has been busy with Spence chillin with his friends, doing assignments for English (he is doing an online english writing course), doing his English 30 assignments and he has gone on vacation with his dad to Kelowna at the beginning of the month (BD vacation with Tammy & the girls)....then he did a weekend sleepover at his dad's and he's done a few sleep overs at friends homes as well.

Dave left and I steadily worked on the drywalling of the entry way and cutting the wood for the entertainment centre (which spence told me was not as perfect as what Dave would do - which is true).  I've been working and hanging out with my girlfriends - out for a few dinners and movies.

We also adopted Priya (previously Moli to us - when we were fostering her), she was returned to AARCS and as the original foster, I took her back and decided that she needed to stay with us.  She's a challenging 9 month old puppy - but not as bad as what Karma was at that age.  She adores Karma and Spencer, Karma likes her and then tolerates her when she wants some non-puppy time.  Noc remembered her and when she tried to trump Noc, Noc boxed her face a few times and put her in her place along with Karma snarling at Priya.....Noc now has no issues with the new dog.  The kittens are all familiar with getting sniffed and cleaned and Priya has been really good with them, although exuberant with wanting to play and not understanding how much bigger she is :) 

Next week Spence heads off with his dad for their annual PAX vacation and I will buckle down to do more renos.  I got the new hot water tank installed this week and it is such a pleasure to actually have consistent hot water.

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