Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yesterday turned out to be busier than originally planned.  We signed Spence up for an essay writing course, which he will do over the summer.  He also signed up for a volleyball camp next week - 1/2 days (9am - start time) and we have Tuesday park days with the teens too - so next week will be busy.

Then he decided once Jonathan came over we needed to go to Yume for supper and on the way to get a new basketball as his won't stay inflated and also a new volleyball and then we needed a net too so he could throw the ball into something.....well by the time we were done, we had all the gear and I told the boys to put the net together.

Well, it's a 3 person job - so I joined in until 7pm when I had to leave to get the kittens vaccinated - but we still hadn't finished putting the net together - although it is now about 3/4 done.

Today the boys are off to Stampede all day, so we probably won't finish putting the net together until the weekend.

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