Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yesterday, Spence woke up with a stuffy nose & headache - so I gave him the morning off volleyball camp.  Instead, once up and full of meds he watched a bit of TV and then did some light school (english 30, printing, reading) and then chilled until his dad came over to grab him for supper.

I decided it was a good day to go to Costco and do my run there - got what I needed, wanted and didn't know I needed :) and walked out $150 poorer - but - I've been tracking my savings and I actually saved $150 yesterday - $75 on the little chocolate milks Dave got me hooked on.  I also bought fresh croissants from there for Dave and Spence and then of course had to try one out - they are very good.

I also stopped at Canadian Tire to get a doggie pool - but although the internet said they had stock - they really didn't and so I ended up getting a kiddie pool (same pool - but twice as expensive) and took that home as well.

I filled up the pool once home and then let Karma explore it.  I did some work then decided it was time to finish up the darned basketball net - so that was finished after almost an hour and a half - glad that is finished - threw away the instructions and just put it together - was much less frustrating.  Went back in, worked some more then chilled on the patio with Karma for a bit, before coming back in to do a few chores around the house.

Today is 2nd to last day of volleyball camp and after camp - it'll be a bit of school before Spence heads back out for dinner with James.

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