Wednesday, July 30, 2014's been a few days.

The weather has been awesome this past week - true Calgary summer weather (mid-high 20's).   Dave continued to help with the entertainment centre but only got as far as getting the bottom pieces locked into place, when he gets back we'll do the top skins.  He was finally feeling better late Thursday and so we only had Friday & Saturday to do the cabinets.

He left on Sunday and I continued with the entryway insulation project.  The potlights were in, but with six, it was too much - so I unplugged 2 and Dave will re-route the electrical associated with them so I can remove the extra two and replace the stair lights with these new potlights.  I like them enough to put them in my kitchen, so I'll keep an eye out for when they go on sale.

Spence got his first Essay Writing assignment for his course and was working on it and sent it off on Tuesday.  Tuesday night he got it back with 'excellent' + some feedback for how to apply the work done to assignment 2.  He is enjoying the class, which is great.

Spence also started another Volleyball Camp on Monday and was too sick to go on Tuesday - which also meant he was too sick to go to Park Day - but better he gets well for the rest of camp, then miss it because of heat stroke + being sick.

I managed to get my first piece of drywall up on the entry way as well, now that all the insulation is in and we'll see how warm the entry is this winter.  I also got a baseboard heater that is 1500w - which was suggested by all the furnace guys - that will replace the space heater and will allow for zone heating in the space.

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