Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunday was a chill day for both of us and then Spence headed off for father's day dinner with his dad while I did a bit of work.

Monday was get organized with the college Spence wants to attend.  Spoke to the registrar and got a good understanding of what 'portfolio' meant to them and how it changed with the new education rules - they are much more strict for 2015 :(  means a bit more work.

Spoke to our schoolboard to help us understand how to most efficiently accomplish the task of putting the portfolio together.

Then Spence and I planned out what he had to do and decided we'd wait till he was back from his trip to start on the other subjects and he'd continue to just do his regular stuff (essay, english 30, spelling, etc) until the week was done and he was on vacation.

Today is PE day - last one for the year.  We start up again in the fall, but until then, we won't be going to the deep south much for the rest of the summer.

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