Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's been a busy week.

Tuesday was PE, Wednesday we did school and chilled, today is Museum day and for Spence a night out with his dad.

We managed to finish half the cabinet before Dave had to leave this morning - enough for the TV to be hooked up and AV equipment to be plugged in.  He's back in a few weeks, so we'll get the rest of the cabinets done then and then I can stain and finish the unit.

I of course poked a hole in the side of the main cabinet when I went drill happy :( now repairing it to see if it is salvageable otherwise Dave will have to build a second one, which would be such a waste of nice maple wood.

Today, I'm off at a client site while Spence is volunteering and then I'm setting up the AV stuff and cleaning up the tools as I won't be doing any demolition until Dave gets back as the fireplace wall is next.

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