Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Full day yesterday - off to the office to do some work there and then home for some chores - finally cleaned Spencer's bathroom, although it will need a second cleaning because even with bleach, the tub and sink aren't completely clean....but that's going to be done another day.

Decided I wanted to try the Panago pizza that they have out with the non-dairy cheese, it was really quite good - so now I have a place to order from if I want American style pizza.

Did a bit of work last night as well and then headed off to bed early as I was really tired for some reason.

Today, I've decided I'm working from home as either my allergies are acting up or I have a cold - I can't seem to stop sniffling and my head hurts and my eyes hurt....took both an allergy pill and an cold pill - one of them should help.

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