Friday, June 20, 2014

As this is Spencer's last day at home for a week, I decided he could have the day off school and instead he could pack and hang out with Jacob (who also has no school today and is packing).

Not like they won't be tired of each other, as they will be in close quarters for a week - but they were both pretty excited to be hanging out today and preparing for their week on the sunshine coast.

They will be heading to the sunshine coast and then back to Vancouver where they will see Queen live and then also spend a day or two and the comic expo in Vancouver.

I'm hoping to put in a solid week at work since I won't have much else to do and maybe look at cleaning up some spaces in the house as I won't be done any more demolitions for the next few weeks and it would be good not to have to wear shoes in the house all the time :)

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