Friday, May 30, 2014

Yesterday was a very long and boring day at the course and so I left early - once I figured out they were never going to catch up (they were running 2 hrs behind).

Dave was trying to put the drain for my new utility room through the garage wall, when we discovered what we thought was a header on top of the concrete wall, was actually just the concrete wall form which had never been we both took turns trying to crack the concrete - we finally did, but now we have to expand the hole so the pipe fits through it.

Today is all about the entertainment centre once he's back from work.

I have a client meeting this afternoon and the engineer is coming tonight to hopefully sign off on the final design changes for supporting various walls.

Spence has soccer today, fencing tonight and I have coffee tonight if I can slip out before 10pm when the Starbuck's second mom's night coffee for the month.

We are busy today....hoping we get a lot done.

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