Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yesterday was PE and James / Spence dinner night.  Dave was working on his van and I headed out to a condo board meeting where I heard complaints about how high our condo fees are and how low our reserve fund is .... you have to raise condo fees in order to replenish the reserve after you spend $300k on the roof project - arg.

We made a plan for today - I have to head out to a client first thing, Dave will take apart the temporary fireplace sides and finish the electrical and measure out the boards.  When I get back, we'll work on the entertainment centre and then I have to go to the doc for my annual visit, while he continues.

Spence couldn't sleep, so got up at 5am to tell me he was going downstairs to do school - so off he went.  He got his English, printing, reading, drawing all done before he was tired enough to go back to sleep.

Once I get home, I'll help him with an area he was having trouble in and he can finish up his math, geography and spelling.

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