Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wolfdog Sanctuary Fieldtrip

So yesterday we went to the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary (http://yamnuskawolfdogsanctuary.com), which is one of the few places a wolfdog can be surrendered and still live.

These mixed breeds are beautiful and they currently have five resident animals - ranging from a low content (Nikki) to high content (Kuna) dogs.

The low content dogs are similar to regular dogs, very loving, want human attention but are high prey driven.  The high content dogs are similar to their wolf counterparts - very pack oriented, human averse, high prey driven.

We got into the 1/2 acre pen with the dogs and then learned a lot about them and fed them treats the whole time.  It was an amazing experience and the animals were really interesting.

The higher content dogs also look more like a wolf - longer skinny legs, longer muzzle, bigger skull.  

Some of these photos were taken by me, some by another mom and one by the woman who runs the sanctuary - her name is Georgina.  

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