Thursday, May 08, 2014

Today is vertigo clinic day - have to be there by 8:30 and they told me to book at least half a day - so hoping it goes well.

Turns out I have a long named issue - I can't remember what it is but essentially it's the crystals in my ear no longer move with my body and that causes the world to spin.  Once they diagnosed that (which was cool - I had these glasses on that blacked everything out but the computer tracked my eye movement - which tells them what is going on with my ears), they gave me some exercises to do at home and sent me to the physio in the clinic.

I spent over an hour being quickly brought down to the bed, turned, sat up quickly and essentially repeatedly making me nauseous....but by the time they were done, I was much less dizzy when they dropped me to the bed or got me up without warning quickly....more light headed than dizzy when they were done.

I drove home and felt exhausted - so I went and napped per doctors recommendation.  She had said that I would require lots of naps so that my body can recover and not to over exert myself - no exercise, no long walks, no extensive trips outside the house - if I go to work all day, take a long nap when I get home before I continue with my night or I'll get worse again.

So if all goes well I should be 100% again by July!

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