Friday, May 02, 2014

So we didn't pass inspection - we need a CO2 detector (never mentioned by the gas folks) and the height of the frame is too short.  We had confirmed the dimensions of the frame with the fireplace folks at least 10 times with pictures even and they always said it would pass inspection....not happy.  Gave them a bad rating for knowing about the product, but they did a good job with the actual install and I do love the fireplace I picked.  I wouldn't recommend them though because they didn't get the whole concept of framing around the fireplace.

Spence was sick all day yesterday, so I'm keeping him in bed again today so that he is good for his trip with his dad.

Ellie goes home today to her foster mom, we'll miss her but it'll also be nice to be back down to one dog and 3 cats :)  The kittens go up for adoption next Saturday and hopefully they will be adopted out as fast as the puppies have been.

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