Monday, May 12, 2014

Had a terrific Mother's Day yesterday.  Spence got me a chocolate bar - a nice one and he also took me out for supper at Yumi's with Joanne and Jacob.  Both boys took us mums out for a dinner.

Thank you James for providing him with the cash and the incentive to go, it was a great treat.

Today is ortho for me, then I'm dropping off Ellie and then I have a few client meetings and for Spence it's the first day of school - grade 12!

We're taking it easy today for school as we meet tomorrow after PE with our grade 12 study group, so we'll figure out what the plan is for the study group and then re-arrange our study plans accordingly.

So since we're studying for the English 30 exam, Spence is reading through the English 30 key, working on a story, doing some spelling & grammar practices, a math quiz, geography, printing and live streaming.

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