Saturday, April 12, 2014

So yesterday Spence went off to the volleyball party and then came home until Jacob was back from Magic.  Then it was sleepover time at Jacob's place.

In the meantime, Dave and I got the last bits of electrical supplies we needed for the new entertainment centre and then I did some work and studying and Dave worked on the entertainment centre and a new form for Spencer's masks.

Today, was a flurry of activity already.....the fireplace guy came, we got all that organized, made sure everything would come up to code, organized for the removal of the current fireplace, capping of gas lines and how far the new fireplace would go.  We have had to modify the entertainment centre's design slightly, but overall, what we've done can stay.  New fireplace is in within the next two weeks.

Then Tiffany came over with Frankie (her dog) so that Frankie and Josie could meet - they got along great and Josie even walked Frankie for a bit (Frankie is a mastif cross - not a small dog but gentle as can be) and Tiffany managed to capture some of those moments - so I'm hoping to get a picture of that because it was adorable.

Now back to work/school for me - some chores throughout the day and Dave is continuing to work on the entertainment centre and we'll have to head out to get some paint and groceries later today.

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