Sunday, April 27, 2014

So we are currently pet sitting an injured foster dog - she's great and her name is Ellie, we also picked up two kittens who are about 6 months old and we will foster them for a little bit.  

Had a friend's kids over yesterday and they were inundated with licks, snuggles and playing fetch.

This is Riker, just a sweetie pie

Noc, Ellie and Karma waiting to meet the kittens.  Ellie is a blue heeler/beagle mix and adorable

This is Riley - the adventurous kitten

This is what the dog's day consists of - cleaning, tickling and playing with Noc

Spence and Jacob on their way to Comic Expo on Friday - Spence is wearing his Darker than Black costume

Picture with Matt Smith (Dr. Who) for the kids - Emily, Spencer, Corbin & Paige

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