Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I pushed hard yesterday, felt a bit light headed by the time I got home, but no vertigo.  It was nice to get all our groceries caught up and Spence to his PE class and time with his friends.

He headed out with his dad afterwards and I did a bit of work and watched some Bones.

Today is end of school day - Joe comes for his visit and Spence will have officially finished Grade 11 and we'll be working on Grade 12 .... really it doesn't matter for us as we're already working out of the Grade 12 books, but nice to have that officially over with.

Today is also the day that Josie goes to her forever home.  Tiffany (her new mom) will be picking her up this afternoon and then she'll be with her new family.  I hope she has as much fun as Priya is having with her family.

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