Sunday, April 06, 2014

Friday night and all day Saturday I did a Pet First Aid course, which was terrific.  Karma participated and was really good with all the strangers handling her as she was one of the dog volunteers who was 'injured' :)

We had a great time, the course was good and at the end I felt I can at least handle the general minor emergencies that come with having Karma in my life.

Spence slept in and then played online before heading out for the night with Jacob - Yumi for supper and then games night at Jacob's house.  I decided to study as I have another 5 days before my final exam.

Dave fixed my power cord for the mac as Priya had eaten through my brand new cord before she left for her forever home and I was loath to spend another $150 on a new cord.

Dave and I had spent time getting supplies for the entertainment centre which we are building into the house and I had some flooring samples I was looking at for the floor swap this year - we picked a great one which I hope will not show as much mud as the medium oak currently does.

Overall it was a good Friday night and Saturday.  Today is a chill day for Spence, Dave and I are heading to the dump to take the old drywall out and waste pipes from the last fix, Dave is working on the entertainment unit, we're hopping off to Home Depot to get a few receptacles I missed for the electrical work that needs to be added to the entertainment centre and I am hopping off to get a few things from the whole foods store and then getting our new foster puppy, whose name is Josie before studying for another few hours and getting a few hours of work in.

Busy Sunday, but it should be good.

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