Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yesterday was busy with costume making, learning formulas for radians off by heart, spelling, printing, drums, driving with Joanne and then cleaning Spencer's rooms enough so that Dave could use the bathroom and I could have some of my dishes back.

Joanne kindly drove with Spence around the block and said he wasn't nervous at all - which is great, we then had a nice visit over tea and then it was time to do a bit of work.

Spence went out with James last night, they were going to go snowboarding but decided on skateboarding instead as it was 16 degrees here yesterday.

Dave was on his way here for a two week stint for work, so he arrived before 11pm and we all visited for a bit before Spence toddled off to bed, Dave got organized for work and unloaded his van a bit and I headed off to bed as well.

Today is more of the same.  Spence will do a bunch of school, Dave will go to work and I've got some client work to do.

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