Saturday, March 01, 2014

The view from our balcony last night - beautiful North Shore views - this city is so lovely - too bad it's not the right city for me to live in at the moment.

We had a great dinner at Cactus Club across the street and then headed out to Surrey to see Dave's shop - it's truly spectacular how he has done up his shop.  I need my garage to work like his shop - the amount of stuff I could have .... another project for another day.

Discovered that the driver's here are truly bad drivers - I mean really bad.  On the way to Surrey almost got creamed by a driver trying to exit from 4 lanes across and didn't think twice about going thru my rental car to get to the exit.  Then after filling for gas 5 blocks from the hotel - had a driver cross the yellow line and come straight at me before swerving back across and into another guy next to him, then a guy ran a red light, slammed on his breaks to avoid hitting me and then swerved around me as he honked and kept going - seriously - why even have lights if folks ignore them and then the last guy kept pushing me into the sidewalk and I kept slowing down, he was swerving all over the place - I pretty much came to a full stop on Georgia in order to let him have enough room to crash at his leisure - um, where are the cops?  all of these guys seemed impaired to me - or they never should have passed their road tests...either way.....scary 5 blocks.

This morning I got up before 9am and headed to the lounge - full hot breakfast, it was great.  After i was full, I grabbed a cereal box and milk for Spence for when he gets up.

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