Sunday, March 30, 2014

Janet was kind enough to loan us Moli (now Priya) for a play day today to help lift Karma's spirits a bit.  Priya was missing Karma and Noc too as the cats at Janet's place, just don't play like either Karma or Noc - so it was a win for both of us.

Priya has grown a bunch and she continues to be a happy go lucky pup who is so very well behaved.

They had a great day - they played tag, tug, fetch and chase Noc.  Karma let Priya sleep on her, next to her and roll all over her a few times and Noc cuddled up to Priya during nap time.

Break time, Priya sharing the chew toy with Noc

She has gotten so big

game of tug of war

Priya and Noc playing with each other

She's gonna be a big girl

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