Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebrating Life and Birthdays

Today is my brother's birthday and he actually got the day off.  I didn't bother waking him and let him sleep in as long as he wanted.

Hunter though had decided yesterday he was done with medications and today I checked with the vet and she said it was probably time.  We made the appointment and I feel so bad as I didn't wake Dave to say goodbye - never even crossed my mind as Spence and I sat crying and saying our goodbyes to Hunter.

We gave Hunter one last walk, then he went for a nap and never woke up.  Karma howled at home - something awful and woke Dave up who started crying too once he found out where we were.

So we're all crying today and trying to also celebrate Dave's birthday.

So in honor of our little guy, so last family photos of our little guy and hope to stop crying long enough to celebrate my brothers birthday.

Our last hugs and kisses before Hunter went to sleep 

One last nap in his favorite dog bed

The boy and his dog - been together since they were both toddlers

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