Monday, February 24, 2014

Yesterday with the boys sleeping over, we didn't get much done until after lunch.  The boys all left by just after 1pm and then Spence and I headed off to the Royal Board shop for his new snow board equipment.

They'll have to order his board and bindings, but he walked out with new shoes and gloves - so when he goes tonight with his dad and Tammy's girls at least he'll have his own comfortable boots to wear.

After we did that it was 3pm and we were both hungry, so we stopped in at Lina's - turns out they close the deli at 2pm and we ended up having pizza - but it wasn't fresh and both of us got sick afterwards... and it cost us $20 with a drink each - so it's not as good as the last time we went for sure.

Then we headed off to Crowfoot to do a mock driving exam.  Spence started off well and wanted me to tell him when he made mistakes - but that was a big mistake.  He got flustered and started making bigger mistakes.  So after about 15 minutes - he said we're done - can I just drive?  Yep - and then he was driving perfect again.  So note to self - you can't give him instant feedback.  So he drove for another 20 minutes and executed every turn well, parallel parked without issue and parked in various parking spots without any hickups - I was white knuckled a few times as he came within inches of another car when parking - but when he parked he was smack dab in the middle of the lines between two cars that parked over the lines.  I am really hoping that today his examiner puts him to ease and allows him to just be himself.  He'll do well that way.  He is a very careful driver and I was impressed with how much more comfortable he has become over the past few weeks that he's been driving everywhere.

Once we were done, he parked in the movie theatre parking and we went to see the Lego movie.  It was ok, but not as good as I had thought it would be based on everyone telling me how good it was...figures.  It was a nice time out with Spence though.

He drove home and we discovered he had left his room door open or it was closed but the latch hadn't taken - because Karma had taken his retainer and box and eaten it.  There was about 2 teeth of the retainer left and 3/4 of the box itself.  I've made an appt with the orthodontist to get a new one done - hoping the healthcare company will take care of the majority of the bill.

When we got home, both of our tummy's were still not well and so we skipped dinner and he was so tired from the day, he went to bed at 9pm and I toddled off shortly after.

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