Friday, February 07, 2014

Yesterday was busy - with Karma off to the vet for testing and Hunter acting weird and doing school, work and going to IKEA for lunch and a visit, home before James came to get Spence for Pho with Grampa.

I went to grab Karma from the vet at 8pm, they found a blockage in her upper intestines - could be air, food or foreign particle.....they added barium to some food and watched it come to the blockage and because of the blockage, nothing will process - gas, food, etc.  So they said if it hasn't started to move on it's own by this morning she will have to go thru surgery.

When she got home, I started massaging her tummy and I am hoping between all the peeing, farting and burping, she will have started to move the blockage enough not to have surgery.

Today is busy with school, work, volleyball and chores.

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